Wednesday, March 20, 2013

DIY Dryer Sheets

Ive been in this frugal, money saving phase i don't think I'm going to shake off (well at least anytime soon)

I made the decision to start seeing ways i can improvise or stretch our dollar in everyday household items so that we can actually get the nice things we want..

Like a new stainless steel blender..

like this one

Its also on sale now at Macy's for $99.99 reduced from $149.99
plus there's a promo code for 10% off which would make it $89.99 score!
In case your interested here's the link >>  Cuisinart Blender

i know i should strive higher but I'm not always about the most expensive stuff as long as it nice.. And it doubles with food processor (which i wanted for a very long time!) so we will see.. :)

Anyway, i posted that since our 6 year old blender isn't working as great anymore... bummer. it gave out this morning.. it still kinda works but ill have to stand there twice as long.. 

Well back to the original post

I been finding ways to stretch the things we call luxuries in my home.. Luxuries bc we are on a semi fixed income in which we have to decide whats more important... what we need or what we want. not bc we are dirt poor but bc i believe that the reason our economy is the way it is its bc nobody has learned discipline and lives WITHIN their means... 
Having nice stuff should be an outcome of hard work..

anyhow I'm rambling again..

SO i decided to look at some blogs and sites, some of my fave are.. take a look they are amazing.. there's many others i follow But i usually find myself on one of these by the end of it..

On Jillee's site i read about making your own dryer sheets.. 
here's the link to Jillee's Reusable Dryer Sheets
I thought awesome i can do that.. since we don't normally buy them anyway i thought if i can make my own that be so great!..
SO Off to Wal-Mart i went..and i bought the microfiber sheets and Downy.

so this is an overview of what you need ..
some items not pictured were 
*scissors if you are like me and buy the biggest sheet to cut into smaller squares.. you could easily buy the smaller kind.. but I'm trying to save as much as i can with this experiment.. :) 
*second shallow dish or a fairly large one to nicely fit all four sheets or more if you are doing a big batch
*baby wipe dispenser..or a container with a lid of some kind because you need something to put them in to keep the fragrance!

Microfiber Sheets
Shallow Dish
i bought the biggest blue microfiber sheet they had came home and cut it into four squares...

i grabbed a shallow dish and placed 2 of soon to be dryer sheets in it and poured Downy (original scent if you were wondering) right on top of the sheets..

i poured enough to make sure it would cover the sheet completely ( i used my hands to kinda spread it around)
Then i flipped both sheets over..

AND yes i poured more downy.. i love the smell what can i say.. i wanted to make sure it gave my clothes a strong smell.. i guess this step is optional.. but not for me :)

so the next few steps don't have pictures bc i realized i needed a second dish ill explain in a bit..
 so grab a second dish and repeat the process 
OR if you were clever enough you thought about grabbing a LARGE shallow dish and have finished by now!
I will so do this next time..

When i finished with my second batch this is what mine looked like 
Then i just set them outside to air dry.. i air dry them bc i tried throwing them in the dryer damp and it stained  a couple of my clothes.. which didn't make me happy. I use the shallow dish for one reason alone... The wind.. The first time i tried it i had to track down my Dryer Sheets and since i don't have a backyard fence lets say i lost a few lol.. so shallow dish it is so they wont blow away..

when my sheets were dry they were very stiff
NO worries they soften once you put them in the dryer..

I read you could use one for up to twelve loads.
1 sheet equals 12 loads!!!

BUT for me i really like the strong smell so i use about 2 or 3 sheets at one time for about 6 to 10 loads depending of how strong they still smell.. sometimes i do for all 12 loads.
Yes I'm one of those whose clothes smell like Downy instead of Perfume.. lol sorry that's just me..
And once the smell is Faint I just repeat the process...

And I've been trying this out for about 2 months now.. I Love it!!! Yes I'm one of those who will try it out for a very long time before i decide if its worth it.. And my ruling is... Its worth it!