Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A new Best Friend

Lets Rewind my life to when I was child. To when me and my siblings were children.
My younger sister was the pet owner, she was dogs and the occasional rescued pigeon's best friend.
Me on the other hand.. I couldn't stand animals.. well pets to be exact, I liked animals, just not as pets or anywhere near me.
I was the one to wash my hands immediately after touching or been touched by any pet. No I don't have a sort of OCD or anything I just couldn't stand the idea of been touched by a pet.
Well fast forward to about 20+ yrs. To the year 2014, to October 2014 to be exact.
We went to a farmers market in Houston to meet a possible new member of the family.
I had posted an inquiry on Facebook about a German Shepard (in particularly)  and a good friend of the family suggested one trough their dog trainer Sit Means Sit's affiliate Oak Forest Animal Advocates.
So Saturday Morning we loaded everyone in our Jeep to go meet and see if "Jondo" would be a good match for us...
As soon as we got there, I noticed "Jondo" right away.
This beautiful dog just walking around.
We stayed about an hour and walked with him, and played with him.
We loved him,,
We all did. Even Me.

As soon as we got home I filled the paperwork for the adoption process.
He was going to be our new family member. He was going to be ours. 
It would be a tragic story to say we didn't qualify for adoption. So I wont say that.
In fact.. Ill tell you exactly what happened..

A week later we had our very first family dog.

A mix. They are guessing between German Shepherd and a Husky.
About 2 years old.

Isn't He just adorable??

I just fell in love with this handsome boy.

When We first started looking I Knew I didn't want a puppy, I just didn't have the time or energy to invest in him. But I also didn't want a dog that was to old. I wanted something in between.
Out of the puppy stage and not to old so the children could grow up with him for years to pass.

"Jondo" became part of the family about 2 months ago.
He is the most precious pup ever.
He is most definitely NOT in the annoying hyper puppy stage.

He Loves the open back yard and runs endlessly in all Directions...

We had originally planned on fencing the house so I wouldn't have to worry about him running off.
BUT He does really good staying around the house. He listens really well, so if I cant See him, I call out to him and he will come Running back.

However, One thing was off by just a bit.
We couldn't just settle on his name.
Though we thought that "Jondo" was in itself pretty creative (John Doe) we just didn't see him as "Jondo"..

It would never have been a named we would have picked out.
SO we set out on a mission. To find him his name.
It took about a week of going back and forth, between all of us.
We all had something different in mind.... so agreeing on one name wasnt easy.

As a joke I said we should call him "Crazy"...that way if people acted a fool, I could say
"Don't make me get CRAZY on you!"

Hilarious right?!?!?!?!?!

Ok maybe not, since no one else thought so.. but good thing I wasn't serious i would have been offended no one liked the name or the joke.

We did however finally decided that he should be some type of superhero.. But NOT just any Popular Super Hero. Nothing like Dark Knight, Or Spidey, Or Zeus, We didnt want something like that..

So We thought about all the cool underdog super heros...
So Naturally Wolverine came up..
I think both me and my husband thought about it at the same time....
We looked at each and smiled wide.

See growing up I was kinda of a geeky little girl.

I loved comic books and all the cartoons that little girls did NOT w
I knew everything there was to know about every comic book hero.
BUT MY all time Favorite Series of Cartoons OR Characters has always been X-Men.
I remembered growing up playing games where I was always "Rogue"
She was my favorite! (apart from the one time "Jean" became "Phoenix")
She was such a bad chick. She was Strong, Fierce, and Beautiful, Plus she had the coolest Red Hair with the White Hi-lite!
But her love life was complicated.
See her one of talents is been to absorb life or power from any other human been or Mutant. So She had been plagued with Loneliness, she wasn't able to feel the touch of any other human.
Or Mutant.

Which would pain her even more so, you see, She was able to love but because she had the ability to draw or absorb power by touching or been touched, she would never allow herself to become close to the one she loved.

A mutant named "Gambit"..

He loved her too.

Well, who do you suppose was my husbands favorite Super Hero growing up..

If you out of no where said "Gambit"

How did you guess? Lol

We both grew up liking the most unlikely of characters. and in which, the characters were actually an item!

Awww.. I liked Rogue
He Liked Gambit..

Sounds like a match made in Heaven..
Isn't the cutest sweet next to geeky thing you've ever heard? :)

Thinking of a name should have never been that difficult. We should have had it right away. Not sure why it took us that long. It should have been a No Brainer. Yet the struggle was worth the journey. We got to revisit child hood memories.

Of course given the fact that Gambit isn't as cool as the other X-Men we had to introduce the character to our son, which he actually quite liked, because he could throw cards as explosives...

Naturally I have already had the thought of finding him his "Rogue".... maybe one day. :)

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  1. Perfect... In considering one now myself. More like blue heeler Ausi shepherd or Dalmatian