Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Free Social Media Icons and "How to" for your blog

Somewhere in between the babies not needing attention, love, food, or showers i find myself online reading other blogs or pinning away on My Pinterest Board..

A couple of days ago when i was pinning away (most times i just see something interesting, I Pin it, then go back a few hours or days later when i have time to actually look through it) i saw a Pin on how to add Social Media Icons on your Blog and this lovely sweet girl offered some for free!

I went on her blog and read through it a couple of times and decided to try it..
Have you noticed them???    >>>>>>>>>>>
Right above the "About Me" section??
Aren't they adorable??

And they match my blog!

Well i struggled with uploading them for some reason... I just couldn't do it.
But they are so worth the struggle..
I only uploaded a few of the 9 (i might be wrong.. there might be more or they might be less) of the icons only because i wanna have a feel for it.. I have a Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter icon.. Ill be adding an email soon enough but for now it'll do...

Anyway I would like to give honor where honor is due.
Thank you Olivia from My Favourite Things for the free icons and the full "how to" on adding the social media icons to your blog..
Much Appreciation and Thanks!

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