Monday, February 11, 2013

A Dream worth fighting for

(This Post was 2 days in the making.. Yesterday not been able to go to church was what motivated me to write this..)

Whats your dream? DO you have one? Does anyone know what it is? Do you not share it because your embarrassed by it? do you think its dumb?

If your like me, you probably do have one, and one that very few people know about.
And you probably don't share it because its either very personal or your just down right embarrassed about how insignificant it might be to others..
I have one.
And sometimes it seems i push it to the back of my mind because i know how hard it be to accomplish it.
And then at the most importune moment it comes flooding back, and with it all the emotions of failure discourage anger and yet at the same time Hope.
For me its when I see things that people say its impossible and then you see the impossible be Possible.

Last night we were watching "Avatar" by James Cameron. I love this movie. 
Well though its a good movie and all My Favorite Parts of the movie are 
  • Jake Sully is asked by Dr. Grace Augustine why he signed up for the task without proper training,.... His reply  "maybe because I'm tired of Dr's telling me what i CANT do"
  • Jake waking up after been linked to his Avatar body and the first thing he does.. He RUNS..
If you've watched this movie you know hes bound to a wheelchair.

Can i admit my life long dream?
Its to be able to Run..
To Run till my lungs feel like they are about to burst
To Run after my kids and chase them around.
To Run away after I scare my husband to begin a game of tag
To Run BECAUSE I'm Tired of Dr's telling what i Cant do.

(<<<<< I love this picture)

The Pain that hurts more its not the one that yells at the top of its lungs in my joints on a bad day
its the Pain that whispers in my mind all the things I cant do... YET.

Ive been working really hard since last year to strengthen my body, i say hard not because of the intensity of the work out but because of the intensity of the pain through out the work out.

Getting up when i cant stand up on my feet is hard
Getting my shoelace tied when my hands are swollen is hard
Getting my self to finish the 30 minutes in pain is hard
Getting cleaned up afterward though id rather just sit till the pain passes by is Hard

But I've decided there's harder things in life.

Like allowing the enemy to take my health and let my kids watch me go trough life Surrender it Willingly
That's not what i want to teach them.

its kinda blurry but its true.. 

I want to teach them First by example
That if there's a Dream worth Fighting For.
Fight for it.

There's strength in all of us to accomplish it.. BUT it will Take EVERYTHING in you everything you've got.

Everyday there's a war to fight
Its a spiritual war
The Enemy is going around trying to steal all you've got
Your Faith, Your Peace, Your Spouse, Your children, Your Finances, Your Health, Your Salvation.
Don't be willing to allow him to take what Belongs to God
Don't surrender.
You are only a steward over what you've got, Make sure you'll be able to return it to God when your time comes to give it back
Fight To protect it
Go to War with the enemy daily, For some its hourly its every step. Fight.

Little eyes are watching.
My little eyes are Anthony And Jael. What little eyes are watching you?

Yes i might be done Fighting for my Healing.. (it will come I rest on Gods Promises..)
BUT Now I'm fighting to protect my Health!
I'm seeking the Healer and Fighting The Enemy to protect my Health.
I think Ive got it this time.
My relationship with God has deepened this year since I've had a change of heart about what I'm seeking.
It has deepened, It has strengthen , it has revived a New passion.

From November last year (2012) trough January this year (2013) Strengthening myself was very difficult. Winter is normally the hardest time for me because the cold affects my joints. So does Rain. So my workout routine almost seized. It was hard to not be able to do anything because it was either use my energy to work out or have energy for my kids, my husband, my home. Tough decision, but i chose. I chose to have energy for my home. 
I love what my husband says
"Minor Setback, Major Comeback"
It was during that time that God was teaching me something it was when i had a change of heart.
Sometimes God needs us to be still to change things around us.. 
Sometimes he makes things around us to force us to be still so He can go to War For US
Then I had my opportunity to come back into Battle. But this time with a New armor and a New heart.
With a New Found Faith That He Who has promised will Pour his Blessings over me.
Yes i was persistent in fighting for my healing, my strength to persist came from Him
But now my ability to start over in this war for my Health is the Strength i Find in Him

 Strength Comes not by not quitting but by lifting ourselves up when we fall (remember if you go down don't go down fighting, make it a point to land on your knees when you fall, It puts you in the advantage, Spiritually and naturally, Spiritually because you'll be able to praise God and Pray to Him for strength for courage, and Naturally because you're Already Half way up in getting up!! )

I Succeed because I am willing To praise God During the Hard times. Not just the Good!
Because I'm willing to fight against all odds!
Because I'm willing to sacrifice!
Because my shackles are are broken by the blood of the one who set me Free.. Jesus!
Because when i feel those negative thoughts i rebuke them to Pit of Hell!
Because I'm Motivated by whats already been Won for me whats already been Done For Me, IT IS FINISHED!
Because I decided to Humble myself and boast on my weakness for then I am Strong, Pride comes before the Fall!
Because if I fall I will get up, If I am beaten I will return, I will never stop getting better I will never give up because His word is true..

2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (NIV)

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed 10 We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body

Strength doesn't come from what you can do,
it comes from overcoming what you thought you couldn't do.
Strength is been able to overcome doubt and be able to Trust God that he will work it out for the good of all of us
Strength is been able to overcome Fear and be able to Walk In Faith, not by what we see but by what He says
Strength is been able to Fall upon the rock and be broken.
Strength is surrendering All control to God
Strength is working out your salvation with Fear and trembling
Strength is proclaiming the Good News

Strength is Falling (sin) but getting back Up (repenting)

And last but not least I do this because i want to encourage the next person. I might not be the strongest I might not fittest. But I want to prove to some that With Christ, All things are possible.. Even the Impossible.
(Also Thanks Stephanie Faith Herrera and Angelica Jaramillo.. you'll are my Fitspiration! :.. just thought id mention y'all hope y'all don't mind.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moms and their Fancy Toys

i was in search for DIY recipes to see what i as a Helpmeet could do to help out my husband stretch our dollar and came across this blog and decided to follow today as i just randomly decided to check blogs i saw a post for a giveaway
I dont normally enter giveaways because let be honest what are the odds of us winning..
Ive only entered maybe twice in any sweepstakes once for a free kindle on amazon (didnt win BIG surprise  lol not really) and the other for A Book Giveaway fro "Kingdom Housewives" I actually won that one i think i won because the day of the actual price giveaway turned out to be my birthday! Go me.. It was actually a really nice surprise since my husband was asleep for my birthday.. (bummer... lol)
I say all that because i want to share this theres a very good giveaway for a Nice "Smart" Faucet the kind that has censors on it... Sweet!
Yeah i entered it (dont judge me)
NOT because im like oohhh free nice faucet but bc of its nice sensor motion detector feature..
let me explain..
You all know that i have been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and my hands have noticeable severe deformities. at least my right hand does (which is my dominant hand by the way) and make turning knobs, jars, handles, buttons very painful to do..
SO heres to chance that i win this nice faucet so that the pain that come with my daily house chores is relief somewhat.

Im posting the link to blog if you by chance would like to enter..
Also because as one of the contest rules is to add this to your blog with a disclosure that  I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post.

The link to her site is

Heres to me and if not maybe someone i know be blessed with this faucet..
Im almost inclined to cross my fingers!! lol

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Such Sins have no place AMONG Gods people

I posted a comment on Facebook wall, my thoughts on the halftime show.
What I feel about what God's Word says.

I guess im expanding on it here and really fully putting my thoughts down on paper (per say)
(i have copied and pasted my FB Status below)..

Ephesians 5:3
New Living Translation (NLT)
3 Let there be NO sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. Such sins have no place "AMONG" God’s people..

(capitalization and italics mine)

Im not judging Im not criticizing you Im not bad mouthing you 
I am Asking YOU..

What were you watching during the Halftime show during The Super Bowl??
I get it, alot of us were big Destiny Childs Fans But dont Old things Pass AWAY and Become New??
Im seeing alot of post of Us CHRISTIANS about how Beyonce did an amazing Performance last night.. I wouldn't know if she did or not.
I was a BIG FAN of Destinys Child and i believe that alot of their attire for their performances were scandalous and provocative. And meant to be..
I read this scripture and really thought about how we ARE not to let there Be NO Sexual immorality.. Among "Gods People"...
I dont know know about you, but signing "bootylicious" in a bathing suit like costume seems pretty sexual to me.. and let me not say something about the way she might have danced. I remember her dance routines, pretty appealing to the Male eye (like i said i didnt see it.. i saw a post on yahoo about it)..
It saddens me that we dont uphold the Standard of Purity and we allow things like that to be viewed by our children..
I want to protect my son from believing ALL woman should be Seen and Thought of As Sexual Objects Because We are NOT.. We are Royalty We are Daughters of The Most High, We are not trash, and we have Worth in His Eye.
I want To Protect My daughter From believing that she is just to be looked at perversely by men, and has to parade herself half naked because she is not Worth more on The inside, Or Outside.
I praise my Husband because He is demonstrating that he isnt captivated by a womans immorality and in that therefore guarding my Daughters heart about what a man should think and value and View the Female.. He is setting the standard for her and for my son..
There I said my peace.

Okay so let me clarify why this post came about..

Theres this very talented young man by the name of Jefferson Bethke, and he has incredible Spoken Word Poetic videos on YouTube Regarding Biblical points and views on certain subjects
his link on YouTube here >>>>

The very first video i watched was about Sexual Healing

He is a very talented young man and im not bashing him im just pointing something out that that didnt make sense to me..

During The Super Bowl Halftime Show He kept tweeting comments regarding Beyonce's and Destiny's Child Performance.
My statement is this: HE is followed by many. He publicly says He upholds biblical standards, However from my point of view I think he could have handled this better.

At my home we shut off the TV, because lets be honest, Something ALWAYS happens during Halftime shows... im not trying to be religious or legalistic i was considering those who might have struggles we dont know about and wanted to be "my brothers keeper" i didnt want it be that my inconsideration may cause him to stumble
No sin is greater than another, and there's no such thing that having more sins, credits you worse than to him who might seem to only have one.. Sin is Sin,  whether you have 1 or 100. Your are a Sinner. Its the same to God.
I as a married woman am very uncomfortable with my husband viewing Half Naked Woman.
It has nothing to do with Jealousy, it has everything to do with Purity.
Yes that might not be something He might be struggling to overcome (im talking about looking at woman lustfully)
Even if he is strong at the time, Those are images that are embedded into your brain. Into your memory. And when the time comes that he will be weak in his Faith by been tested and tried (possibly) in every are of his life besides sexuality.. That might just be a weapon the enemy uses as his main attack plan..
Those images will come flooding back to Him..All of Them.
I can almost guarantee that his wife down deep inside (in her soul and heart of hearts) wasnt very comfortable or very pleased but been a young Newly married lady she might have not and probably will not say something to bring this to his attention..
Im not judging Him or any other Christian out there who publicly praise her performance, we all have our own walk and our own convictions, I am trying to point something out in hopes that though it was overlooked and it can be something worth considering to wage War on.
Not War on Our fellow brothers and sisters
But a War For Purity Among GODS PEOPLE.
i can honestly say i will still listen and follow him on social media because he is very talented and speaks about Gods Word beautifully, However I do believe that there are eyes watching him and he is setting an example to other young men around the world and he should have kept his guard up.

I do have a small suggestion Men if you are reading this..

Below is one of the most incredibly written and challenging books i have read so far.
Its probably something All men relate to on one level or another.. Pick up a copy, I challenge you to read it.

Heres a link to Amazon to purchase the Book if your interested in it

(The website to their ministry is >>> just in case you were wondering)

Im not suggesting that this is the only tool that works or explains all of Sexual Purity in depth But i am suggesting that if you dont know where to start you can start here.. or research your own..

Ladies.. Ladies.... Ladies..
You know your probably shaking your head in agreement by now
After all, Everything im saying is based on a biblical principal right?
Stop It.
Stop It right Now.
Im not saying your wrong for agreeing im saying you are wrong for openly dishonoring your Husband..
(i can hear jaws dropping and hitting the floor.. )
HUH?? What??
God Commands Us To Be Honoring And Subject To Our Husbands UNCONDITIONALLY..
"But you dont know what he does behind close doors, you dont know what movies and programs he sees behind close doors.Or how he openly publicly stares at women when we are out . Its Heartbreaking  Its Crushing... He isnt Pure" its what your saying..

But I Say
DO you think its easy for me to say and do this also?
DO you think I DONT Understand..
DO you Honestly believe My Very Own Husband hasnt grieved me at times????
That He is Exempt from sexual temptation?

Reality Check..
Let me remind you..  He is still a Man.
BUT Its ALL about and For Gods Glory.

Im not demeaning the hurt and devastation he might have or is causing you, Im not saying your wounds and pains are irrelevant or any way invalid.
We are not Exempt from trials or temptations.. Not one of us
I am encouraging you because Healing and Forgiveness (from what we will call Betrayal..Matthew 5:28
But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart ) Really is a matter of Choice, Its a matter of the heart.

(a good book ive read is "Every Heart Restored">>> if you are struggling to extend forgiveness to Him, However I do firmly believe that nothing substitutes Prayer.. Prayer is the ultimate weapon and resource we have.. Use it)

Im not suggesting in my blog That Jefferson is struggling with any sexual sin, Im not suggesting he isnt a Christian, Im not saying he is fake for saying one thing and doing something else.. I dont know him.
(Im not discrediting any of his previous work because of my disagreement with him on a certain issue, i was using his comments as an example.. I hope he doesnt mind.. I guess its to late now to ask him now huh? i actually would love for you to hear his work. He uses his God given talents and gifts to bring Honor and glory to God)

Im not saying any of those things, what I am saying is let learn from this and DO Better Next Time.. After all Arent we all Striving For His Image?
We all fall short, so lets extend Grace to one another, and yes ladies that means Grace to your husbands

Monday, February 4, 2013

One Mans Trash is Someone elses Treasure

I love reading books..
My dream home would have a room full of books.. a reading room.. my own library with huge windows overlooking open country with mountain as a backdrop.. (i grew up in California so i miss seeing the mountains off in the distance.. sadly i dont see mountains in Texas.. just open fields and fields of beautiful land)
 i would love a room with a rustic country feel to it.. i feel this look to be warming and comforting.. it sets the atmosphere for relaxation .. well at least for me..

the open country scene?.. that's a love story that blossomed when i moved to Texas..
I was a city girl.. Love the big lights, the fast cars, the non stop life that goes on..  So when my parents decided to move, and to Texas of all places, i fought with every thing in me to convince them not to, besides they rode horses to school,, didn't they??
i didn't want a horse i wanted a car!! (that was the argument i resorted to often) LOL so funny to me now that i had such a small mind.
When i moved to Texas i hated it, it was so plain, so country, so much undeveloped land, and what was with all this Country Farm Roads??? Really NO concrete??
BUT after the years rolled by i enjoyed it, I appreciated the calm of life that the country open lands can bring. Of course it wasnt like lands and lands of field.. but it was to me it was at least at that time (i live only 15-30 minutes from Houston)

Now seeing the city of Katy develop so fast, seeing them expand the interstate (I10) started buliding bridges, buildings been build in the middle of nowhere im kinda really sad by it..
well let me show you a picture of what i get to see every morning (thats if i wake up in time)

 Beautiful isnt it? im gonna miss this when the bridge (I99 Grandparkway) is finished, itll go straight across that scenery, but i want something like the picture above with the mountains from the picture below to be the sight i see from the huge windows in my very own library.

 well that was unnecessary information you probably could have done without, but i said all that to say this
I love books. 
So buying books is my hobbie.
New books, used books... Books are books..
The newest thing i been doing is going to second hand retail shops such as Goodwill and Katy Christian Ministries in hunt for "good books"..
I bought several now this past week, maybe about 5 or 6 of them, all for about $8.00.. Thats a bargain!

Im sharing this bc i realized something, those books were donated to this retail stores. 
They weren't wanted so they were considered trash and they gave it away, but instead of throwing them away they decided to donate them and maybe someone else might perhaps purchase them.. Maybe someone else perhaps would love them..
It struck a thought in me..
They were trash to someone else but they were treasure to me

We were trash at some point of our lives to someone, to something, to this world,
But we are Treasure to someone else, We are loved by someone else,
Of course im talking about Jesus.

He took me when no one wanted me, when i was but Trash to this world. He found me as treasure to Him.

The most littlest of things remind me of Gods goodness and willingness to take what the world considers Foolish and unworthy and use it to shame the wise.
Only God has that kind of power. To Redeem Someone, To wash away clean. 
I love my Savior, And each day i pray that nothing grips my heart and tears me away from Him
I ask him that my Commitment be Stronger Than My Emotions.
That I stay planted and well and DEEPLY rooted in Him that nothing or nobody shakes me from Praising Him From Worshiping Him..

I am not perfect and there have been trials and circumstances in which life has swept me farther From God than i would like to admit.. 
But ive always heard if your gonna go down, go down fighting.. And ive done that countless times, and you know what, that for me has made me tired and weary to where i give up..
Yes if life pushes you... PUSH BACK!!..
BUT I say If Life throws you down why go down fighting? Why not fall voluntarily on our knees. Why not make it a point we land on our knees?
Im learning to make the that the norm in my life. Yes its hard, yes its difficult, But I think its more difficult to do Life with Him..
I say that only because there was a recent storm in my life, yes it was related to another recent trial in which in the first one i decided to fight on my own, TO GO DOWN FIGHTING.. that made me drift away from God..
But this second time around i made a different choice I Fell on my knees. 
Yes the landing on the floor from been thrown is still painful no matter how you land.
But Landing ON YOUR KNEES Puts you In the ADVANTAGE.

God is going on "the Hunt" (per say) for your heart, Someone, and something has thrown you away and he is the hunt looking for you because he KNOWS your Worth, He knows your worth the time and effort to search out and FIND.
You are precious, You are captivating To HIM.

Land on Your Knees and praise Him, And just like my last entry Left Your hands till You CAN reach Heaven.. and Shout His Name till the walls come falling down....
He is Looking for you
Your valuable to Him.