Monday, April 15, 2013

And the wood works continues....

some of my fondest childhood memories are the ones i spent time with my parents...

My mom teaching me how to cook and clean... 
My dad teaching me how to change a tire and check the fluids in a car....

I was a well balanced child you can say lol..
I knew how to be a lady, cook, clean, take care of younger siblings...
and i knew how to change tires, check car fluids, and from time to time help my dad "fixing"
 the car.. (more like handing him the tools... i might not have helped much but at least i knew what every tools name was!)

so i guess i shouldn't be as surprised as I am when i started my New Found Interest.. Wood working.. after all i took a class back in High school... (but to balance it out I also took "floral decor".. see i told you i was balanced LOL)..

Yesterday I saw that they are doing a HUGE GIVEAWAY at Shanty-2-Chic
OOOOOHHHHHH I'm so giddy I'm almost crying!!!
It would be incredibly awesome.. If i would have my very own TOOLS!!!
Right now I'm borrowing the hubby's, but since he's always got projects at church i hardly get to use them (or see him also :(.....)
(here's a link to the giveaway in case you want to enter it for yourself .. or for me.. lol JK

Anyway since I'm only able to do with what i have.. i only do small projects...

Here are a few "Before" pictures of my bathroom.. I'm almost done I'm saving for my Compound Miter saw so i can do the framing on the mirror soon then ill be done..



My bathroom was very plain This is Actually not an accurate Before picture since the walls were "White" to begin with.. we painted them a very light grey.. and now some "After"...

 Might not be a grand makeover but for a small bathroom with plain white walls it gives it a "homier" feeling..

The towel hooks aren't quite done..
the original post had decorated them with fabric flowers.. however my hubby thought it to "girlie" and since we share a one bathroom house i decided to compromise and we decided on maybe a plaque of some sort or something else.. we still haven't figured out what to put on there...

the decorations on the shelves i actually found at Wal Mart..
The Family Rules canvas i believe was $4.99.. maybe $5.99, but definitely no more than that..
The flowers which I'm really glad i found there were $1.50 a piece.. for the green leafy grass and the white blossoms, i was going to purchase them at Hobby Lobby with a 40% coupon which would have still added up to over $7.00..  and the vase was an empty vase i spray painted an ivory color..

SO here's the link to the original post >>>  Shanty-2-chic

and i hope they don't mind me posting a picture from their work!

there's of course looks much better since they don't have a big medicine cabinet.. but mine aren't that bad But I have to admit I love theirs more over mine!!!

So here are a few more pictures from behind the wood works...

We got home and laid out the wood to cut..
(you can tell we are newbies our work table is Jr's little monster truck!!! LOL)

we have talked about buying soon or maybe we will build one..

We stained (only the front BC according to my Soldier "that's only whats going to get seen" lol
and added all the other little features to it..

And since i don't have my drills just yet!!! (I'm really believing to be one of the lucky 3 winners in the 
Shanty-2-Chic..shanty's-favorite-things-giveaway!!) i had My Soldier do it for me...

The Shanty-2-Chic version called for a couple of boards been put together with a Kreg jig..
since i don't have one and i Still very badly wanted the towel hooks i improvised
(that's probably why i love theirs over mine..)
We used one solid piece of wood where as they used several and pieced them together..

I love their site they don't just have DIY wood works they also have meal plans and a whole lot of other stuff too!!! Go ahead and check them out its an awesome inspiring site..!!

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