Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On The Path To Receive MY Healing

Psalm 34:20 (NLT)
"For the Lord Protects the Bones of the Righteous...."

So its been a really long time since i made an update on my Path To Healing, mainly because i had gotten pregnant and then i had made the decision to nurse baby girl... 
Well ill start by saying that i finally made it in to see a Rheumatologist Specialist...
I can say i was really nervous... extremely nervous... i was grateful that My Soldier was with me, he encouraged me, and I really felt his support...
After the visit, both me n Tony left with mix feelings... mainly because we are still believing for my healing to be supernatural...
The Doctor made the diagnosis and came up with a treatment.
The treatment will be that i start medication once a week. For at least 4 weeks, once a week on the day of my choice i will take a dose of Methotrexate, and will see how my body and symptoms respond. The Dr said said that the strenght in the medication will be as strong as like that of chemo.(without the radiation of course)..
What the medicine will do is lower my immune system to such a low level that an infection, if not treated properly and in a timely manner could have negative results... The positive will be that it will stop any progressing damage and EVEN Reverse some of the damage already done to some of my joints.....I am Believing for a complete and whole Healing... Im believing My healing to be this Year..
I have Peace in my heart that it will be... Something inside of me is stirred up when i think about it... Healed.
I will be honest, when you have a chronic disorder you have some really  bad days that the Devil uses to tempt you to stop believing and having Faith. But Now I now this was only to strenghten me for something bigger.. to strech me and my faith and bring me to a new level of Trust and Hope. Peace overtakes me when i see ahead.. a tougher road lies ahead but at the end of that Road My God will be there.. and any road is worth taking if He will be there... I Refuse To Quit!!!!

Winners are NOT those who never Fail, But Those who NEVER QUIT!.

Dear Lord, 
What ever your will and plans are for me, I will Follow and Obey, My heart is set on not waivering from your Word, from your promises, from You. I have decided that  your healing will be a way to minister to Dr.Vo, She will see the Power that comes from serving the One and Only, The Great I AM, My HEALER and My Redeemer. That she will come to know that You are Lord and Saviour of our Souls... and that Apart from you we are nothing.
Lord strengthen me for what lays ahead, I know your word says that "you will guide me along the best pathway for your life, I will advice you and watch over you" (psalm 32:8 NLT) I know that what lays ahead is for your Glory, wether my healing comes or not I will continue Serving you.Your Guidance has lead me to the BEST PATHWAY for my LIFE and i know that you will continue to do so. Help me never to doubt your Word... In the name of the your Precious Sons Name Jesus.. AMEN.

Psalm 35:10 (NLT) "With every bone in my body I will Praise Him, 'Lord, who else can compare with you?'...

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  1. Amen sis. You serve Jehovah Rapha. Healed in Jesus name. Amen