Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Raining Wisdom and Sharpening Iron

Rain to me is beautiful. Rain, To me is security and comfort. Its Cleansing.
Yes God might just open the Floodgates of Heaven and let it Rain. During a Fast, just for me.
Yes, He would do that. Thats something A Father would do for His daughter.

I love the Rain because to me its like washing away the old, the dirty, the ugly.
Its Renewing and refreshing.
Both Physically and Spiritually.

Today out of all the days I decided to call a Really Good Friend of mine, however good of friends we are, I admit that I dont get to share alot time with her. She is a God Fearing, loving wife, wonderful stay at home homeschooling mother of Six children. I admire Her! I Cherish her.

She is priceless to me. Everytime we speak I walk away greatly enriched. I just pray that i can and have done the same for her even just once.

DO you have those friends who God will use Most of the time when you dont wanna Hear HIM?
I do. That would be Her.
She is unashamed to ask me the real RAW questions that rarely get ever asked.
How is the condition of my heart?

No matter what or how or lenghty or emberrasing my answear might be, She will always Guide me back to Gods Truth and Promises. I love that about her. She is Eternally Focused.
We all should be. To much is as stake.. Our spouse, our children, our relatives,  friends, and How about the Lost?? Yes it be ashamed not to be About our Fathers business

So neath-less to say, she was like Rain over my heart this morning. She washed away some blinders and exposed some things in my heart Gods been trying to get trough to me during this Fast..

Then She took Out the Knives!!!
(spiritually speaking that is)
She starting making my heart and commitment sharper and focused again.
Funny how its the littlest things that we would have never seen before, that blow you away when they are exposed.
I thank God for Good Friends. I thank God For Him. Because He is perfect.
(And Lilly I hope you dont mind mentioning you, Love you Girl)

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  1. Amen. We all need one like that. God is good. Gives us gems:) Loved this blog, keep it up