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Such Sins have no place AMONG Gods people

I posted a comment on Facebook wall, my thoughts on the halftime show.
What I feel about what God's Word says.

I guess im expanding on it here and really fully putting my thoughts down on paper (per say)
(i have copied and pasted my FB Status below)..

Ephesians 5:3
New Living Translation (NLT)
3 Let there be NO sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. Such sins have no place "AMONG" God’s people..

(capitalization and italics mine)

Im not judging Im not criticizing you Im not bad mouthing you 
I am Asking YOU..

What were you watching during the Halftime show during The Super Bowl??
I get it, alot of us were big Destiny Childs Fans But dont Old things Pass AWAY and Become New??
Im seeing alot of post of Us CHRISTIANS about how Beyonce did an amazing Performance last night.. I wouldn't know if she did or not.
I was a BIG FAN of Destinys Child and i believe that alot of their attire for their performances were scandalous and provocative. And meant to be..
I read this scripture and really thought about how we ARE not to let there Be NO Sexual immorality.. Among "Gods People"...
I dont know know about you, but signing "bootylicious" in a bathing suit like costume seems pretty sexual to me.. and let me not say something about the way she might have danced. I remember her dance routines, pretty appealing to the Male eye (like i said i didnt see it.. i saw a post on yahoo about it)..
It saddens me that we dont uphold the Standard of Purity and we allow things like that to be viewed by our children..
I want to protect my son from believing ALL woman should be Seen and Thought of As Sexual Objects Because We are NOT.. We are Royalty We are Daughters of The Most High, We are not trash, and we have Worth in His Eye.
I want To Protect My daughter From believing that she is just to be looked at perversely by men, and has to parade herself half naked because she is not Worth more on The inside, Or Outside.
I praise my Husband because He is demonstrating that he isnt captivated by a womans immorality and in that therefore guarding my Daughters heart about what a man should think and value and View the Female.. He is setting the standard for her and for my son..
There I said my peace.

Okay so let me clarify why this post came about..

Theres this very talented young man by the name of Jefferson Bethke, and he has incredible Spoken Word Poetic videos on YouTube Regarding Biblical points and views on certain subjects
his link on YouTube here >>>> http://www.youtube.com/user/bball1989

The very first video i watched was about Sexual Healing http://youtu.be/IlJFvxad1_A

He is a very talented young man and im not bashing him im just pointing something out that that didnt make sense to me..

During The Super Bowl Halftime Show He kept tweeting comments regarding Beyonce's and Destiny's Child Performance.
My statement is this: HE is followed by many. He publicly says He upholds biblical standards, However from my point of view I think he could have handled this better.

At my home we shut off the TV, because lets be honest, Something ALWAYS happens during Halftime shows... im not trying to be religious or legalistic i was considering those who might have struggles we dont know about and wanted to be "my brothers keeper" i didnt want it be that my inconsideration may cause him to stumble
No sin is greater than another, and there's no such thing that having more sins, credits you worse than to him who might seem to only have one.. Sin is Sin,  whether you have 1 or 100. Your are a Sinner. Its the same to God.
I as a married woman am very uncomfortable with my husband viewing Half Naked Woman.
It has nothing to do with Jealousy, it has everything to do with Purity.
Yes that might not be something He might be struggling to overcome (im talking about looking at woman lustfully)
Even if he is strong at the time, Those are images that are embedded into your brain. Into your memory. And when the time comes that he will be weak in his Faith by been tested and tried (possibly) in every are of his life besides sexuality.. That might just be a weapon the enemy uses as his main attack plan..
Those images will come flooding back to Him..All of Them.
I can almost guarantee that his wife down deep inside (in her soul and heart of hearts) wasnt very comfortable or very pleased but been a young Newly married lady she might have not and probably will not say something to bring this to his attention..
Im not judging Him or any other Christian out there who publicly praise her performance, we all have our own walk and our own convictions, I am trying to point something out in hopes that though it was overlooked and it can be something worth considering to wage War on.
Not War on Our fellow brothers and sisters
But a War For Purity Among GODS PEOPLE.
i can honestly say i will still listen and follow him on social media because he is very talented and speaks about Gods Word beautifully, However I do believe that there are eyes watching him and he is setting an example to other young men around the world and he should have kept his guard up.

I do have a small suggestion Men if you are reading this..

Below is one of the most incredibly written and challenging books i have read so far.
Its probably something All men relate to on one level or another.. Pick up a copy, I challenge you to read it.

Heres a link to Amazon to purchase the Book if your interested in it

(The website to their ministry is >>> http://ministrycss.com/ministries/every-mans-battle/ just in case you were wondering)

Im not suggesting that this is the only tool that works or explains all of Sexual Purity in depth But i am suggesting that if you dont know where to start you can start here.. or research your own..

Ladies.. Ladies.... Ladies..
You know your probably shaking your head in agreement by now
After all, Everything im saying is based on a biblical principal right?
Stop It.
Stop It right Now.
Im not saying your wrong for agreeing im saying you are wrong for openly dishonoring your Husband..
(i can hear jaws dropping and hitting the floor.. )
HUH?? What??
God Commands Us To Be Honoring And Subject To Our Husbands UNCONDITIONALLY..
"But you dont know what he does behind close doors, you dont know what movies and programs he sees behind close doors.Or how he openly publicly stares at women when we are out . Its Heartbreaking  Its Crushing... He isnt Pure" its what your saying..

But I Say
DO you think its easy for me to say and do this also?
DO you think I DONT Understand..
DO you Honestly believe My Very Own Husband hasnt grieved me at times????
That He is Exempt from sexual temptation?

Reality Check..
Let me remind you..  He is still a Man.
BUT Its ALL about and For Gods Glory.

Im not demeaning the hurt and devastation he might have or is causing you, Im not saying your wounds and pains are irrelevant or any way invalid.
We are not Exempt from trials or temptations.. Not one of us
I am encouraging you because Healing and Forgiveness (from what we will call Betrayal..Matthew 5:28
But I say, anyone who even looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart ) Really is a matter of Choice, Its a matter of the heart.

(a good book ive read is "Every Heart Restored">>> http://www.amazon.com/Every-Heart-Restored-Husbands-ebook/dp/B001RLTFKM/ref=dp_kinw_strp_1 if you are struggling to extend forgiveness to Him, However I do firmly believe that nothing substitutes Prayer.. Prayer is the ultimate weapon and resource we have.. Use it)

Im not suggesting in my blog That Jefferson is struggling with any sexual sin, Im not suggesting he isnt a Christian, Im not saying he is fake for saying one thing and doing something else.. I dont know him.
(Im not discrediting any of his previous work because of my disagreement with him on a certain issue, i was using his comments as an example.. I hope he doesnt mind.. I guess its to late now to ask him now huh? i actually would love for you to hear his work. He uses his God given talents and gifts to bring Honor and glory to God)

Im not saying any of those things, what I am saying is let learn from this and DO Better Next Time.. After all Arent we all Striving For His Image?
We all fall short, so lets extend Grace to one another, and yes ladies that means Grace to your husbands

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