Monday, February 11, 2013

A Dream worth fighting for

(This Post was 2 days in the making.. Yesterday not been able to go to church was what motivated me to write this..)

Whats your dream? DO you have one? Does anyone know what it is? Do you not share it because your embarrassed by it? do you think its dumb?

If your like me, you probably do have one, and one that very few people know about.
And you probably don't share it because its either very personal or your just down right embarrassed about how insignificant it might be to others..
I have one.
And sometimes it seems i push it to the back of my mind because i know how hard it be to accomplish it.
And then at the most importune moment it comes flooding back, and with it all the emotions of failure discourage anger and yet at the same time Hope.
For me its when I see things that people say its impossible and then you see the impossible be Possible.

Last night we were watching "Avatar" by James Cameron. I love this movie. 
Well though its a good movie and all My Favorite Parts of the movie are 
  • Jake Sully is asked by Dr. Grace Augustine why he signed up for the task without proper training,.... His reply  "maybe because I'm tired of Dr's telling me what i CANT do"
  • Jake waking up after been linked to his Avatar body and the first thing he does.. He RUNS..
If you've watched this movie you know hes bound to a wheelchair.

Can i admit my life long dream?
Its to be able to Run..
To Run till my lungs feel like they are about to burst
To Run after my kids and chase them around.
To Run away after I scare my husband to begin a game of tag
To Run BECAUSE I'm Tired of Dr's telling what i Cant do.

(<<<<< I love this picture)

The Pain that hurts more its not the one that yells at the top of its lungs in my joints on a bad day
its the Pain that whispers in my mind all the things I cant do... YET.

Ive been working really hard since last year to strengthen my body, i say hard not because of the intensity of the work out but because of the intensity of the pain through out the work out.

Getting up when i cant stand up on my feet is hard
Getting my shoelace tied when my hands are swollen is hard
Getting my self to finish the 30 minutes in pain is hard
Getting cleaned up afterward though id rather just sit till the pain passes by is Hard

But I've decided there's harder things in life.

Like allowing the enemy to take my health and let my kids watch me go trough life Surrender it Willingly
That's not what i want to teach them.

its kinda blurry but its true.. 

I want to teach them First by example
That if there's a Dream worth Fighting For.
Fight for it.

There's strength in all of us to accomplish it.. BUT it will Take EVERYTHING in you everything you've got.

Everyday there's a war to fight
Its a spiritual war
The Enemy is going around trying to steal all you've got
Your Faith, Your Peace, Your Spouse, Your children, Your Finances, Your Health, Your Salvation.
Don't be willing to allow him to take what Belongs to God
Don't surrender.
You are only a steward over what you've got, Make sure you'll be able to return it to God when your time comes to give it back
Fight To protect it
Go to War with the enemy daily, For some its hourly its every step. Fight.

Little eyes are watching.
My little eyes are Anthony And Jael. What little eyes are watching you?

Yes i might be done Fighting for my Healing.. (it will come I rest on Gods Promises..)
BUT Now I'm fighting to protect my Health!
I'm seeking the Healer and Fighting The Enemy to protect my Health.
I think Ive got it this time.
My relationship with God has deepened this year since I've had a change of heart about what I'm seeking.
It has deepened, It has strengthen , it has revived a New passion.

From November last year (2012) trough January this year (2013) Strengthening myself was very difficult. Winter is normally the hardest time for me because the cold affects my joints. So does Rain. So my workout routine almost seized. It was hard to not be able to do anything because it was either use my energy to work out or have energy for my kids, my husband, my home. Tough decision, but i chose. I chose to have energy for my home. 
I love what my husband says
"Minor Setback, Major Comeback"
It was during that time that God was teaching me something it was when i had a change of heart.
Sometimes God needs us to be still to change things around us.. 
Sometimes he makes things around us to force us to be still so He can go to War For US
Then I had my opportunity to come back into Battle. But this time with a New armor and a New heart.
With a New Found Faith That He Who has promised will Pour his Blessings over me.
Yes i was persistent in fighting for my healing, my strength to persist came from Him
But now my ability to start over in this war for my Health is the Strength i Find in Him

 Strength Comes not by not quitting but by lifting ourselves up when we fall (remember if you go down don't go down fighting, make it a point to land on your knees when you fall, It puts you in the advantage, Spiritually and naturally, Spiritually because you'll be able to praise God and Pray to Him for strength for courage, and Naturally because you're Already Half way up in getting up!! )

I Succeed because I am willing To praise God During the Hard times. Not just the Good!
Because I'm willing to fight against all odds!
Because I'm willing to sacrifice!
Because my shackles are are broken by the blood of the one who set me Free.. Jesus!
Because when i feel those negative thoughts i rebuke them to Pit of Hell!
Because I'm Motivated by whats already been Won for me whats already been Done For Me, IT IS FINISHED!
Because I decided to Humble myself and boast on my weakness for then I am Strong, Pride comes before the Fall!
Because if I fall I will get up, If I am beaten I will return, I will never stop getting better I will never give up because His word is true..

2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (NIV)

We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed 10 We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed in our body

Strength doesn't come from what you can do,
it comes from overcoming what you thought you couldn't do.
Strength is been able to overcome doubt and be able to Trust God that he will work it out for the good of all of us
Strength is been able to overcome Fear and be able to Walk In Faith, not by what we see but by what He says
Strength is been able to Fall upon the rock and be broken.
Strength is surrendering All control to God
Strength is working out your salvation with Fear and trembling
Strength is proclaiming the Good News

Strength is Falling (sin) but getting back Up (repenting)

And last but not least I do this because i want to encourage the next person. I might not be the strongest I might not fittest. But I want to prove to some that With Christ, All things are possible.. Even the Impossible.
(Also Thanks Stephanie Faith Herrera and Angelica Jaramillo.. you'll are my Fitspiration! :.. just thought id mention y'all hope y'all don't mind.)

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  1. I love you Mighty woman Of God... You are such an inspiration to me. I couldn't help but think of what Pastor said... You must be committed in order to change. And that you are... Hey, do you remember Isaiah 40:31? Its for you! Honored to call you sister. Keep pressing in!