Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Moms and their Fancy Toys

i was in search for DIY recipes to see what i as a Helpmeet could do to help out my husband stretch our dollar and came across this blog and decided to follow today as i just randomly decided to check blogs i saw a post for a giveaway
I dont normally enter giveaways because let be honest what are the odds of us winning..
Ive only entered maybe twice in any sweepstakes once for a free kindle on amazon (didnt win BIG surprise  lol not really) and the other for A Book Giveaway fro "Kingdom Housewives" I actually won that one i think i won because the day of the actual price giveaway turned out to be my birthday! Go me.. It was actually a really nice surprise since my husband was asleep for my birthday.. (bummer... lol)
I say all that because i want to share this theres a very good giveaway for a Nice "Smart" Faucet the kind that has censors on it... Sweet!
Yeah i entered it (dont judge me)
NOT because im like oohhh free nice faucet but bc of its nice sensor motion detector feature..
let me explain..
You all know that i have been diagnosed with RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and my hands have noticeable severe deformities. at least my right hand does (which is my dominant hand by the way) and make turning knobs, jars, handles, buttons very painful to do..
SO heres to chance that i win this nice faucet so that the pain that come with my daily house chores is relief somewhat.

Im posting the link to blog if you by chance would like to enter..
Also because as one of the contest rules is to add this to your blog with a disclosure that  I am receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post.

The link to her site is

Heres to me and if not maybe someone i know be blessed with this faucet..
Im almost inclined to cross my fingers!! lol

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