Monday, February 4, 2013

One Mans Trash is Someone elses Treasure

I love reading books..
My dream home would have a room full of books.. a reading room.. my own library with huge windows overlooking open country with mountain as a backdrop.. (i grew up in California so i miss seeing the mountains off in the distance.. sadly i dont see mountains in Texas.. just open fields and fields of beautiful land)
 i would love a room with a rustic country feel to it.. i feel this look to be warming and comforting.. it sets the atmosphere for relaxation .. well at least for me..

the open country scene?.. that's a love story that blossomed when i moved to Texas..
I was a city girl.. Love the big lights, the fast cars, the non stop life that goes on..  So when my parents decided to move, and to Texas of all places, i fought with every thing in me to convince them not to, besides they rode horses to school,, didn't they??
i didn't want a horse i wanted a car!! (that was the argument i resorted to often) LOL so funny to me now that i had such a small mind.
When i moved to Texas i hated it, it was so plain, so country, so much undeveloped land, and what was with all this Country Farm Roads??? Really NO concrete??
BUT after the years rolled by i enjoyed it, I appreciated the calm of life that the country open lands can bring. Of course it wasnt like lands and lands of field.. but it was to me it was at least at that time (i live only 15-30 minutes from Houston)

Now seeing the city of Katy develop so fast, seeing them expand the interstate (I10) started buliding bridges, buildings been build in the middle of nowhere im kinda really sad by it..
well let me show you a picture of what i get to see every morning (thats if i wake up in time)

 Beautiful isnt it? im gonna miss this when the bridge (I99 Grandparkway) is finished, itll go straight across that scenery, but i want something like the picture above with the mountains from the picture below to be the sight i see from the huge windows in my very own library.

 well that was unnecessary information you probably could have done without, but i said all that to say this
I love books. 
So buying books is my hobbie.
New books, used books... Books are books..
The newest thing i been doing is going to second hand retail shops such as Goodwill and Katy Christian Ministries in hunt for "good books"..
I bought several now this past week, maybe about 5 or 6 of them, all for about $8.00.. Thats a bargain!

Im sharing this bc i realized something, those books were donated to this retail stores. 
They weren't wanted so they were considered trash and they gave it away, but instead of throwing them away they decided to donate them and maybe someone else might perhaps purchase them.. Maybe someone else perhaps would love them..
It struck a thought in me..
They were trash to someone else but they were treasure to me

We were trash at some point of our lives to someone, to something, to this world,
But we are Treasure to someone else, We are loved by someone else,
Of course im talking about Jesus.

He took me when no one wanted me, when i was but Trash to this world. He found me as treasure to Him.

The most littlest of things remind me of Gods goodness and willingness to take what the world considers Foolish and unworthy and use it to shame the wise.
Only God has that kind of power. To Redeem Someone, To wash away clean. 
I love my Savior, And each day i pray that nothing grips my heart and tears me away from Him
I ask him that my Commitment be Stronger Than My Emotions.
That I stay planted and well and DEEPLY rooted in Him that nothing or nobody shakes me from Praising Him From Worshiping Him..

I am not perfect and there have been trials and circumstances in which life has swept me farther From God than i would like to admit.. 
But ive always heard if your gonna go down, go down fighting.. And ive done that countless times, and you know what, that for me has made me tired and weary to where i give up..
Yes if life pushes you... PUSH BACK!!..
BUT I say If Life throws you down why go down fighting? Why not fall voluntarily on our knees. Why not make it a point we land on our knees?
Im learning to make the that the norm in my life. Yes its hard, yes its difficult, But I think its more difficult to do Life with Him..
I say that only because there was a recent storm in my life, yes it was related to another recent trial in which in the first one i decided to fight on my own, TO GO DOWN FIGHTING.. that made me drift away from God..
But this second time around i made a different choice I Fell on my knees. 
Yes the landing on the floor from been thrown is still painful no matter how you land.
But Landing ON YOUR KNEES Puts you In the ADVANTAGE.

God is going on "the Hunt" (per say) for your heart, Someone, and something has thrown you away and he is the hunt looking for you because he KNOWS your Worth, He knows your worth the time and effort to search out and FIND.
You are precious, You are captivating To HIM.

Land on Your Knees and praise Him, And just like my last entry Left Your hands till You CAN reach Heaven.. and Shout His Name till the walls come falling down....
He is Looking for you
Your valuable to Him.


  1. Amen amen amen! Wow... Flabbergasted! This was perfectly said and Amen. Preach sister. That 'old scratch' has been defeated.. Amen! I mean T.K.O. by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of Your testimony... I see u have something to say as well... Speak sis! Amen

  2. :) funny thing i almost didnt post this one.. but i was like im gonna do it anyway even if nobody reads it... I think its kinda cheesy but i like it, i had tears in my eyes when this thought came to me in the store as im holding used books in my hand.. "she must really love books, shes even crying" its what people probably thought... lol